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Van Cortlandt Ceiling Damage Repaired

Ceiling of Van Cortlandt house damaged. Large section of plaster has fallen off the white ceiling, leaving wooden panels exposed.

The HHT Capital Team was alerted by Van Cortlandt House Museum staff that the plaster ceiling in the gift shop had failed and a large section had dislodged due to a past plumbing leak. In coordination with NYC Park’s Bronx Maintenance & Operations Shops, HHT coordinated the purchase of the supplies for the crew to perform the necessary repairs and ensure the preservation of this historic site.  

Van Cortlandt House was built in 1748 and is the centerpiece of a 1,000-acre urban park that encompasses what was once the Van Cortlandt family’s plantation. Learn more about the house by clicking here.

NYC Park's crew stands on ladders to repair ceiling and ensure preservation of historic house. One crew member works with caulk and the other hold a metal caulking spatula.

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