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Our Partner Sites Get Some (Green) Relief!

King Manor, a yellow house with black shutters, is pictured with piles of dirt in the yard. The exposed ground shows the infrastructure built for the HVAC reconstruction preservation project.

Capital Team Completing King Manor’s HVAC Reconstruction Preservation Project

Preservation projects are not always glamorous, but they're crucial to the survival of our historic houses and their collections.


Celebrating Funding for Restoration Project at Morris-Jumel Mansion Museum

HHT is thrilled to announce a new design and construction project at the Morris-Jumel Mansion Museum, located in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan. The goal of this $2.7M project […]

Untitled design (1)

Conference House to Receive a 2024 Award of Distinction from the Museum Association of New York

The Conference House Association will be recognized for their collaborative efforts to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Ward’s Point Archaeological National Site, of which part is designated as the […]


Environmental Monitoring Devices Installed at Conference House

Until now, the environmental conditions at Conference House were monitored by HOBO devices installed by the Historic House Trust’s curator. The data collected by the HOBO devices had to be […]


HHT & Contemporary Art Partnerships

Contemporary art within historic house settings invites thought and encourages perspective. New materials and forms provide an unexpected juxtaposition and site specific art interweaves with and enhances historic interpretation. From […]

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