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Of our 23 partner sites, 21 are operated by separate not-for-profit entities that work on a daily basis to bring these treasured places alive. HHT works in partnership with these organizations to assist, advise, and support them as needed. 

Redistributing Funds

HHT supports operations at our partner sites by redistributing a portion of the funds we raise directly to the organizations that manage the daily operations of these museums. Since 2000, HHT has redistributed over $1 million to the individual nonprofits that run our sites. 

In addition, HHT applies for grants that provide both direct and indirect support to the sites, including the re-granting of funds to support programs and initiatives. In 2020, HHT received a grant from the NYC Green Relief & Recovery Fund that allowed the redistribution of $40,000 to 11 partner sites in support of horticulture programs and improvements to open space.

HHt members stadnign outside a historic house in suits

Bringing Sites Together

HHT hosts roundtable discussions with representatives from the partner sites to connect, brainstorm, collaborate, and find solutions to common problems. Some discussions bring in outside experts to offer guidance on specific areas of interest, while other discussions focus on internal collaboration and provide opportunities for the sites to share their own vast expertise to assist the work of their sister sites.

HHT team sitting at a conference table

Liaising with NYC Parks

City government can be complex to navigate. A major part of HHT’s work involves acting as a liaison between the City, which owns these historic sites, and our partner organizations, which operate them as museums, to ensure that needs are met and obligations are fulfilled. The NYC Parks Department provides resources and staff members that allow HHT to communicate City requests to the partner organizations and transmit partner organization requests to the City.

Crowd listening to a speech in a park setting

Our Featured Houses

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