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Overview:  The grant received from the New York Community Trust (NYCT) will allow the Historic House Trust of New York City (HHT) to conceptualize, develop and launch an “Anarchist Plan” at the Lewis H. Latimer House to maximize strategic, social and economic impact in Flushing, Queens.  HHT will assemble a diverse Consulting Team comprised of HHT Staff, HHT House Staff, Latimer House Board members and caretaker, consultants and Koch Fellows (interns) to work collaboratively on this project.  The project will equip Latimer House with tools for sustainability by introducing a new model of operation that will engage the community through shared authority, stimulate all the senses during a visit, reflect habitation instead of static exhibition, and propose new preservation standards.  Ultimately, HHT aspires to position Latimer House as an essential community resource that bridges past and present and unites diverse audiences by acting as a center of social history, explorative experience and common identity.

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