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Innovation is written into our mission statement

The Historic House Trust of New York City (HHT) is a nonprofit organization that operates in tandem with the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation to aid in and insure the preservation of 23 city-owned historic properties located in parks in all five boroughs.  We believe historic sites are not static antiquities – they are living institutions uniquely poised to address current issues while retaining their connections to the past. HHT is therefore dedicated to preserving our sites, protecting their collections, engaging diverse audiences, educating visitors and sustaining the nonprofit organizations that operate our houses. 

Community Engagement:

  • Orchestrates a city-wide, award-winning Historic House Festival
  • Robust social media in multiple languages (English, Spanish, Mandarin) including an award-winning journal.


  • In 2014 over 300,000 New York City schoolchildren visited the historic houses.
  • In the last five years, HHT has close to 94% of all New York City Schools (public, private, special needs) visiting at least one of our historic house museums.  (statistics based upon at least one classroom per school visiting an HHT historic House museum).
  • HHT facilitated the Wagner Education Program for Children with Disabilities and Autism with 5 pilot programs that started in 2015.

Collections Care:

  • Care and advisement of over 90,000 artifacts in three historic society storage facilities and 23 house sites
  • Facilitation of 5 Borough, volunteer, award-winning Roof Raisers Curatorial Brigade


  • Since 1989 HHT has facilitated over $80 million dollars in specialized capital restorations on the city-owned 23 Historic House Museums.
    • In construction – $8.5 million
    • Going into construction – $2.5 million
    • In design – $15 million
    • Research – $775,000
    • HHT holds a $5 million dollar SOLE SOURCE contract to be used successfully in particularly sensitive preservation projects.

Financial Assistance:

  • Since FY 2000, HHT has re-distributed over $1 million dollars in general operating grants to the operations of the historic house museums in all five boroughs.
  • In 2014 HHT will re-distribute $100,000 in general operating support .

Management Innovation:

  • HHT is a national thought leader on historic house stewardship.
  • Since 2012 HHT leadership has lectured at over 30 national conferences and historic sites regarding pilot and research innovation projects


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