Black and White Photo of Families Working on Arts and Crafts Project in Front of Little Red Lighthouse Interpreter in colonial dress helps a young boy use a flax cutter as his family looks on.  two children in school uniforms pour cartons of cream into butter churn as kneeling teacher in overalls helps them Kneeling boy, using a yoke around his neck, attempts to pick up two barrels attached by rope to the yoke Older lady in red jacket answers questions from a number of schoolchildren standing in front of her Kids in costumes stand in silly poses in front of Alice Austen House


Education programs at the Historic House Trust sites are designed to reinforce in-school instruction in a variety of curriculum areas for a wide range of grades and are directly linked with New York State Learning Standards

Each historic house offers a unique learning experience that can be connected to a particular theme or unit of instruction such as families, communities and local, state and national history.

Students focus on a specific place and how it has changed over time. They discover how families lived and worked in earlier days; trace the growth and development of their own and other communities; deepen their understanding of diverse heritages; and learn about important events and significant people in the history of our city, state and nation.

Portavoz del Concejo Municipal dela Ciudad de Nueva York Christine C. Quinn y Miembro del Concejo Municipal de la Ciudad de Nueva York ROBERT JACKSON presente SEMANO DE RESPETO PARA TODOS, EL 13 - 17 DE FEBRERO, 2012.  El 13-17 de febrero de 2012 ha sudo desrgnado como SEMANO DE RESPETO PARA TODOS en todas las escuelas publicas de la Ciudad de Nueva York. Durante esta semana, las comunidades escolares elevaran la conciencia de Respeto Para Todos, el programa del Departamento de Educación para combatir la intimidación y acoso, a base de raza, color, origen étnico, nacionali-dad (lo cual incluye grupos de estudiantes de ancestro, herencia y linaje comunes o aquellos de un mismo país), estatus inmigratorio on de ciudadanía, religión, sexo, identidad sexual, expresión sexual, orientación sexual, peso o discapacidad.  Llame su principal para averiguar lo que su escuela ha planeado durante la Semana REA así como los programas ofrecido para combatir la intimidación dura nte todo el año. Encuentre el número de teléfono de su escuela llamando 311 o vaya al: y buscan “la búsqueda escolar.”  SI USTED TIENE PREGUNTAS EN CUANTO A LA SEMANA DE RESPETO PARA TODOS, por favor envíe respectforall© por correo electrónico o pongase en contacto con Nick Rolf en (212) 442-5765 ! nrolf© York City Council SPEAKER CHRISTINE C. QUINN  and New York City Council Member ROBERT JACKSON Present RESPECT FOR ALL WEEK. FEBRUARY 13 - 17 2012. February 13-17, 2012 has been designated as RESPECT FOR ALL WEEK in all New York City public schools. During this week, school communities will raise awareness of RESPECT FOR ALL, the Department of Education’s program to combat bullying and harassment on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, national origin (which includes groups of students of common ancestry, heritage, background or those from the same country), religion, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, weight or disability. Call your principal to find out what your school has planned for RFA Week as well as programs offered to combat bullying all year long. Find your school’s phone number by calling 311 or go to: and look for the “school search.”  IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS REGARDING RESPECT FOR ALL WEEK, please email or contact Nick Rolf at (212) 442-5765 /

Whether you are planning to visit a historic house within walking distance of your school or thinking about a bus or subway trip to a site in another borough, the links on this web site will help you to determine which historic sites meet your instructional goals.

The following PDF files provide information on the wide variety of school programs offered at Historic House Trust sites, and the learning standards they complement. For further information, please visit the webpage of the house that you are considering.

Ed brochure  

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